Delvaux Pochette Double Je Noir

Pretty Pochettes and Evening Bags

When the end-of-year celebrations call, it’s time to indulge in one style essential - the perfect evening bag. Dedicated to innovation and craftsmanship, DELVAUX has long been devoted to exquisite Pochettes and sleek, small leather bags. Elegantly petite and beautifully refined, they are the ideal accessories to take from one sizzling soirée to the next.

Double Je: Twice as Nice

A stunning new addition to the DELVAUX family, the Double Je offers not just one flawless silhouette, but two. Folded over it can be worn as a sophisticated clutch, while held straight, it can be breezily carried by its distinctive D-shaped buckle.

Sleek and light, it is available in a duo of seductive colours, Noir and Scarlet Red. Double Je can be paired with a black, gold or silver buckle for a gorgeously glamorous look. 

Small, shapely and ever so Brillant

In its many smaller incarnations, the Brillant is the perfect bag for stylish evenings out. Whether it’s in a petite Mini size, or exaggerated East/West shape, the Brillant’s timeless essence shines through. The elongated Brillant Pochette, without handle or strap, but with its much-loved graphic lines, makes for a sublime clutch.

Precious leathers & beautiful buckles

Every little detail on our small leather bags has been carefully thought out and lovingly crafted. Embellished with decorative buckles and made in the finest of exotic leathers such as Alligator and Lizard, our Pochettes and smaller evening bags always make a big impression.

Small wonders for big occasions

Find out more about our Pochettes and small evening bags in your nearest DELVAUX boutique.