Couture Exclusive Collection

Once Upon a Time in the Kingdom of Belgium

Since 1829, Delvaux has been pushing the limits of innovative savoir-faire in fine leather goods. True to form, the limited edition Couture Exclusive Collection takes its cue from the artistry of haute couture, blending it seamlessly with chivalry and baroque accents.

Crafted with the highest levels of expertise, the collection encompasses four realms, each with its own ambiance and accessories. Iron Shield, Black Beauty, Queen’s Desire and Golden Glory, all inspired by medieval legends and dramatic fantasy, enchant with bronze finery, exquisite embossments and skillful embroidery.

Within each realm presides a handbag in a new Brillant Micro size. Created especially for this year’s holiday season, it is ingeniously functional, while being beautifully proportioned. The new Brillant Charms meanwhile, has been enhanced with a cross-body strap.

Discover the main characters of this collection’s saga and let yourself be taken on a journey of legends.

Iron Shield

A Born Warrior

Inspired by a knight’s armour, the Iron Shield bag is covered in superimposed layers of leather scales, resembling the protective covering worn by warriors of the past. Master artisans carefully position and overlap the scales, adding brass bolts one by one to create the desired effect of a shield.

Made from Vernis Métal and Agneau Métal appearing in Antique Black and Antique Silver, this Brillant Micro is also accompanied by a Key Ring and a Brillant Charms Strap.

Black Beauty

A Bewitching Enchantress

The inspiration for Black Beauty comes from enchantresses of ancient legends, who cast their spells across kingdoms. Black Beauty is embroidered with custom-made flowers made in Agneau Satin. Each petal is meticulously formed by hand and each flower is embellished with a black pearl at its centre.

Made with Lézard Métallisé in Black, metallic pigments give the bag its special scintillating quality.

The Signature Clutch and Brillant Charms Strap are also available in this theme.

Queen's desire

Of True Royal Blood

Inspired by the couture of medieval nobility, this Micro Brillant has the same embroidered design as found on the dresses of 15th century monarchs. The Queen’s Desire is bejeweled with golden coloured brass detailing and embroidered with fine thread.

Made in Calf Souple Prune, the Queen’s Desire also offers the Bandoulière Amovible, which can be worn on a Brillant or Tempête, and the Charms Coeur.

Of golden thread and regal poise

Golden Glory

The Undisputed Sun King

A religious offering given to fulfill a vow is the inspiration behind this Brillant Micro’s unique buckle. Like a Sun King with a golden aura, this handbag has a particular shimmer, perfect for the end-of-year.

Each buckle is fashioned out of 35 different golden metal pieces and is created individually. Made in Black Galuchatthat has been applied with an Antique Gold film, Golden Glory also comes with an original wrist accessory, the Brillant Manchette.

Radiant with baroque majesty

This collection is available exclusively at Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.