Delvaux bag Brillant black crocodile and alligator leathers

Precious Leathers

La Maison DELVAUX is renowned for its work with precious leathers, and is proud for its innovative treatment of rare skins, such as crocodile, ostrich, galuchat, lizard and python. Over the years, DELVAUX’s artisans have developed inventive and precise techniques to perfectly handle, cut, stitch and sculpt the finest of skins. In their hands, DELVAUX bags become genuine works of art.


DELVAUX works with both crocodile and alligator leathers. A small round dot at the base of each scale distinguishes crocodile from alligator skin.

Hornback, the front cut or dorsal side of crocodile leather, is especially challenging to handle. DELVAUX's artisans have refined a special technique to soften it in order to pierce and stitch through it, to integrate these impressive scales into beautiful designs.


Ostrich leather is known for its softness and its unique natural grain, formed by the pattern of its feather sockets. La Maison's artisans perfected a unique method of handling the leather to ensure that its pearls are neither crushed nor cut.

Ostrich leather becomes softer, shinier, and even more beautiful as it ages. Bags made from genuine ostrich leather can be handed down from one generation to the next and are an enduring part of the DELVAUX legacy.


Exceptionally supple and fine, python boasts dramatic scale patterns. La Maison DELVAUX uses Reticulatus python in its natural state for the beauty of its diamond-shaped reticulations and its round black, grey and ivory markings.

Molorus and Curtus pythons however, are very often colour-treated. At DELVAUX, la Maison has made it our particularity to enhance these skins with matte, shiny, or metallic finishes, or even a velvety nubuck effect.


Lizard leather is known for its suppleness and its durability. Delvaux works with the Java, Teju and Varanus varieties of lizard leather.

The Java variety features tiny circular scales, reminiscent of alligator leather. On Teju leather, the scales are closer together and more deeply embedded in the skin's texture, making for more uniform markings. Varanus has a naturally stunning pigmentation, with lighter scales forming small circles in semi-linear patterns.


This exceptional leather comes from stingrays and owes its name to the 19th-century French leather artisan, Jean-Claude Galluchat. Covered with a layer of small enamel scales, each skin has one or two central ‘pearls’, making it very challenging to manipulate.

DELVAUX’s artisans love the complexity of working with this highly resilient skin and have a special technique for stitching a straight line between Galuchat leather's pearls without crushing them.

As a luxury house with a constant concern of excellence, la Maison DELVAUX makes a point of honor to respect all the regulations in force, and to adopt responsible business practices in the supply of its raw materials. In particular, DELVAUX complies with CITES rules about the sale and purchase of exotic leather hand-made goods.

La Maison DELVAUX also delights in reworking these traditional leathers on bold, contemporary designs with innovative finishes.

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