Les Humeurs de Brillant

In 2008, the Brillant reaches fifty. To celebrate this important milestone, Delvaux designs ‘Black Edition’, a larger-scale version of the original bag. It is accompanied by a series of eclectic designs known as Les Humeurs de Brillant. Unconventional and modern, the line perfectly reflects Delvaux’s values and light-hearted irreverence.

Today this collection continues to pay homage to Delvaux’s creativity and savoir-faire. Still entirely handmade, the bags are expertly crafted by master artisans working in Delvaux’s Brussels atelier.

Les Humeurs de Brillant

La Belgitude

As an official purveyor to the court and even older than the Kingdom of Belgium, it is evident that Delvaux has a strong Belgian heritage. What better way to pay tribute to it, than to spell it out in black and white? Anything but predictable and quirky all the way, la Belgitude proves that attitude is everything.

Le Rêve

Mirror, mirror of desire, which Brillant has the fairest attire?
The mirror has no answer to that request, but spends its time to reflect,
shimmer, glimmer, shine and more.
Isn’t this a dream bag to adore?


The Brillant really surpasses itself with this winning number. Passing all tests with flying colours, L’Excellence excels at being excellent. And for that, this Olympic beauty truly deserves a medal.


If this Brillant is not a Delvaux, then it most certainly is a symbol for the surreal Belgian sense of humour. And an homage to the great Belgian painter René Magritte. But then again, ceci n’est pas une explication.

La Singularité

This rose has no scent, but la Singularité has plenty of fragrance - of far-off lands and fairy-tale realms. Where melancholic wayfarers journey beyond trends, enchanted by timeless shades of black and flowers that never fade.

La Tradition

It takes just one glance to see that this noble Brillant appreciates the finer things in life. Keeping its head as high as its standards, La Tradition’s buttoned leather and metal studs are never anything but flawless. With craftsmanship as impeccable as this, there’s really no reason to break with tradition.

La Création

1958 – a year of great celebration,
The Brillant was born to much adulation.
Fifty years later, came this arty creation,
A picture perfect incarnation.


This is a rebel with a cause – to shake off conventions while looking great.
Bold and beautiful, it doesn’t roll with the rules, but definitely rocks la Maison Delvaux.

Le Savoir-faire

Where and how do technique and art merge? Maybe le Savoir-Faire knows the answer, for it lives for both. Drawing, sewing and sculpting are the tools of its trade, and creating is its passion. But being a humble soul, this Brillant would rather faire, than shout its savoir from the roof-tops.

La Magie

A drop of a flap, and a secret’s revealed.

Hidden inside, a tray is concealed.
Black and theatrical, and yet so belle,
It seems quite clear, la Magie’s cast its spell.

All the pieces in the collection "Les Humeurs de Brillant" can be made to order by request.