Les Miniatures Big Apple

To celebrate the opening of DELVAUX’s first flagship boutique in the USA on the fabled Fifth Avenue in New York, la Maison has created a new series of distinguished little Miniatures with a stateside personality all of their own. Meet the ‘Miniatures Big Apple’.

Following on from the ‘Belgitude’ and ‘So British’ collections, these three handcrafted miniature versions of the Brillant pay homage to the energy and passion of a city that never sleeps. An original blend of humour and craftsmanship, they salute Belgian surrealism and the American dream.

Taxi Driver

This yellow trooper navigates the streets of New York like no other and instinctively knows how to find the place to be. It may not always choose the quickest route, but rest assured, this tiny guide will always pick the most fabulous one.

Burger Queen

A petite parcel of food heaven, this little Brillant is mouth-wateringly charming and 100% American. While there may be debate as to where the best burger is made, there’s no disputing that the Miniature Burger Queen is the most stylish of all.

Belgian surrealism meets New York soul

Wonder Woman

Fearless and brave, this little superhero likes to be in the thick of it, ever ready to save New Yorkers in trouble. Flying high, this mini style guru never has a stripe out of place, trailing a blaze of red, white and blue behind her.

Available in Delvaux’s stores and on www.delvaux.com