Delvaux Madame Clara Luciani luxury chain handbags belgium bag

Madame Chaine Enchanting Elegance

A signature model in DELVAUX’s repertoire, the Madame first cruised down Europe’s avenues in the 1970’s. Fresh, refined and light, it instantly fit in with the times, offering freedom of movement with charisma and style. Today, the Madame Chaine stands out as never before – elegant, practical and irresistibly unpredictable, it kept all of its charm.

Hitting all the right notes, French singer-songwriter Clara Luciani and Madame Chaine are our modern-day heroines – independent, original and proudly unleashed.


The Madame Chaine rocks an edgier look with a new metal chain strap. Fully adjustable, it can be worn in a multitude of ways and becomes as unique as she who wears it. For a sophisticated silhouette, the chain can be pulled short and carried close over the shoulder. Alternatively, for a more informal style, the chain can be worn long, across the body or whichever way your mood takes you.

Madame Chaine rewrites the rules

Magnetic attraction

While Madame Chaine retains its classic square shape and graphic lines, it has an ingenious new closure.

Sparkling magnetic accents on either side of the front flap make the bag even easier to open and close by simply pulling the fixtures apart.

The Sunlight Effect

Madame Chaine shines not only in a variety of colours but also in a Lizard Sunlight design. This intense gold-copper dégradé effect is achieved by skilfully hand spraying three shades of gold paint to the finest leather that has first been dyed in Silver. Several layers of colour are meticulously applied for this treatment that is exclusive to a limited number only of models.

Madame Chaine is available in all DELVAUX boutiques and authorised retailers.