Pulling Magritte Out of a Hat

The house pays homage to the beloved Belgian artist, René Magritte, with an exclusive line of handbags and accessories. Drawing on the artist’s legendary realm of dreams, this playful collection is infused with the spirit of surrealism.

Iconic Magritte motifs and colours inspired by the artist’s palette define this charming line. The emblematic Tempête GM and Brilllant MM open up to reveal a cloudy sky meticulously printed on the finest lambskin, for a lovely surprise effect.

Small leather goods also tap into the Magritte vocabulary, with cut-outs of clouds, the apple, and the bowler hat, quilt-stitched with a technique as delicate as fine embroidery.

Tempête GM & Handle Ribbon Dans les nuages
Portefeuille Dans les nuages
Brillant MM Dans les nuages

Brillant MM & Handle Ribbon Dans les nuages

Tempête GM Dans les nuages

Portefeuille Dans les nuages

Pochette Masquée (back)

Pochette Masquée (front)

Porte-Clés Dans les nuages

Porte-Clés Chapeau bas

Porte-Clés Masqué

Porte-Monnaie Dans les nuages

Porte-Monnaie Chapeau bas

Visite Chapeau bas

Visite Masquée

This collection is available exclusively at Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.