Memorable Anniversary Collection 2019

This holiday season, Delvaux presents the Memorable Anniversary Collection to celebrate its 190 years of innovative savoir-faire in fine leather goods.

A veritable firework of creativity and craftsmanship, it lights up the festive season with sparkling graphic inlays and shimmering metallic effects.

La maison’s most emblematic models get dressed up in sophisticated end-of-year finery, accompanied by a selection of varied accessories, perfect for gifts or pairing with a favourite bag. From Delvaux’s trail-blazing new WondeRings to card holders, charms and handle ribbons, the collection has everything needed to start celebrations off with a bang.

A sparkling display of craftsmanship

Sparkle and Shimmer with the Brillant Minis

For this collection, two Brillant Minis showcase the pure elegance of gold on black.

The Brillant Mini Fireworks has triangular metal details on its edges, highlighting its graphic lines. Polished metal shapes, plated in shiny black and gold, reflect light in flashes of festive joy. And its stunning Antique Gold lining ensures it’s a seasonal jewel inside and out.

The Brillant Mini Alligator Eclipse subtly plays with light and radiance. Treated with a metallic gold pigment, the scales of the alligator skin are highlighted with a golden tint, shimmering like a thousand stars against a winter night sky.

Madame Mini takes on a golden glow

Ready to celebrate, the Madame Mini Chaine Golden Glow appears with interlaced gold and black leather bands, giving a dazzling criss-cross pattern. Complete with a golden chain, it will set the festive season alight.

The Cool Box - a frosty delight

Adding a touch of luxurious Ivory, the Cool Box Mini Silver Moon in Crispy Calf leather, appears with original silver details on the handles and body. Inspired by the cycles of the moon, it shoots for the stars.

Versatile accessories with extra luster

This season lights up with the mischievous Joker. Appearing on a card holder in gold, black and silver it is also available as a Gri-gri which can be worn as a lucky charm, a key chain or even as a statement necklace.

Handle ribbons in shimmering gold and wintery white complete the collection, along with 3 metallic card holders and a star-inspired Poussière d’Etoiles silk scarf.

The WondeRings

To celebrate this remarkable anniversary with extra sparkle, Delvaux has designed a range of precious rings to attach to the Brillant’s handle. These intricate jewels can be worn and inter-changed as the mood suits. Adding a sophisticated touch and plenty of shine, four glittering styles are available in this collection.

The Memorable Anniversary Collection is available in all Delvaux boutiques.

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