Poussière d'Etoiles Collection

Poussière d’étoiles, Delvaux’s striking end-of-year collection embodies la maison’s taste for both the unexpected and lavish refinement.

Inspired by the great painter, Gustav Klimt, this collection honours his ethereal ‘Golden Phase’.

Gleaming like jewels, the Tempête MM, the Signature Clutch and the Charmskeyholder are all adorned with a sumptuous star. Made up of dozens of polished and galvanised brass pieces, their various tints and finishes give the star motif dazzling subtlety and depth.

Brillant MM Box Calf : Noir - Poussière d’étoiles Charms : Box Calf Noir

Brillant Mini : Alligator Feuille d'Or - Brillant Charms : Alligator Feuille d'Or

Brillant Portefeuille Long : Alligator Feuille d'Or

Signature Clutch GM : Poussière d'étoiles Noir

Tempête Clutch : Alligator Feuille d'Or

Tempête Micro : Palomino Métal Or Rose
Tempête Charms : Palomino Métal Or Rose

Tempête Mini : Alligator Feuille d'Or

Tempête MM: Poussière d'étoiles Noir
Poussière d’étoiles Charms : Palomino Métal Or Rose

Tempête MM : Poussière d’étoiles Noir

Not to be outshone, the fine leathers used in the collection all look like precious metals. Alligator leather is embellished with metal gold leaf, while Palomino Métalbrings a unique golden tint to the bags. And the interiors are every bit as precious as the exteriors. Made of soft lambskin with a metallic-effect lining, they glitter and shine like stardust.

This collection is available exclusively at Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.