Tanzania Leather Crafted Into Precious Stones

‘Tanzania’ stands as the jewel in the crown of the Spring-Summer 2018 Collection.

Combining elements of decorative jewellery with a tribal touch, its technical sophistication is tribute to DELVAUX’s longstanding expertise in leather craftsmanship. 

Appearing on the Tempête, Tanzania’s decorative details recall the world of fine jewellery in the style of ethnic body art and embellishments.

Rising from the leather in the shape of a compass rose, the Tempête Tanzania stands out against two powerful hues - Black and Ivory.

Jewels Made of Leather

The Tempête Tanzania’s compelling markings are imprinted onto leather panels by DELVAUX’s artisans. Each jewel-like shape is then worked on to obtain precise contours.

Tanzania is part of the Spring-Summer 2018 Collection and is available in all DELVAUX boutiques.