The Gladiator The Modern Day Warrior

Standing strong, the Gladiator shines as Delvaux’s most avant-garde design to date. Blending technological prowess and outstanding craftsmanship, this modern warrior is dramatic and mighty, elegant and cutting-edge. A limited edition design, it follows on from la Maison’s other exceptional high-tech models, the Dark Night and Hero.

A state-of-the-art version of the Tempête, the Gladiator is crafted entirely out of vinyl modules. A year in development, it is the result of precise technical savoir-faire, a true feat of engineering and design. 

Daring creativity

The Gladiator is decorated with scales of two colours – Antique Silver and Gold. Their 3 dimensional shape and placement give the effect of a plate of armour, accentuating the bag’s heroic side.

Distinctive conical stud feet made of copper further enhance the Gladiator’s edgy side.

The limited edition Gladiator is available upon reservation in DELVAUX boutiques.