Toile de Cuir

Toile de Cuir, the most emblematic of Delvaux’s leathers, was originally conceived as a gift for an Arabian princess in the 1960’s. When its inventor presented this intricate textile to Solange Schwennicke, then director of Delvaux, she instantly fell under its spell, captivated by its ability to offer an infinite number of patterns and textures.

Full grain calfskin is cut into circular shapes, from which thin leather straps are cut.

The straps are joined together with a special trimming technique to make the joints invisible.

The leather straps are then woven together in a special loom, like threads of gold or silk, to produce a multitude of designs.

From the cut of the skins, to the joining of the straps and the quality of the weaving, each step in the creation of this leather demands the highest level of artistry and skill. That is why Toile de Cuir has such an important place in la maison’s heritage and in Delvaux’s collections.

This collection is available exclusively at Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.