You're ready for life's adventures with the Givry by your side.

With spare change for your cab fare, a tissue for your crocodile tears, and lipstick for a touch-up before your after-work drink, this soft leather beauty looks after you like a modern fairy godmother.

Delvaux's own discreet wizard, Solange Schwennicke, sketched the Givry in the 1970s from a single piece of leather, in tribute to the first Delvaux bag she received for her Sweet Eighteen.

Since 1977

The very first Givry was designed in 1977 as part of the 'Grand Cru' collection.

Like every Delvaux bag since 1938, its design is registered in Le Livre d'Or (The Golden Book).

Folded Construction

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The Givry opens up like an envelope: the fold-over front flap and the back consist of a single piece of leather.

Beauty Inside and Out

The inner lining of the Givry is made of Arizona leather.

This full, fine-grain calf leather offers a buttery and silky touch. The signature nude colour assures an easy interior visibility.

Iconic Buckle

The 'D'-shaped accessory has now been revisited in a larger, stylised version. A new twist on a classic.

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Givry Besace & Givry bags

Givry PM26 cm wide, 17 cm high, 8,5 cm deep
Givry 29 cm wide, 22 cm high, 9,5 cm deep
Givry Besace 34 cm wide, 32 cm high, 15,5 cm deep

Givry With Me PM & Givry With Me bags

Givry With Me PM 36 cm wide, 26 cm high, 14 cm deep
Givry With Me 42 cm wide, 29 cm high, 15 cm deep

The Givry collection is sold exclusively in Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.

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