With its distinctive stitched 'D', a signature feature of la maison Delvaux since 1973, the Louise holds its own.

Lively, even sporty on occasion, this sassy lady is up for all of life's adventures. But there is more to the Louise.

With subtle tone-on-tone colours, or contrasting shades, and secrets stashed inside its hidden 'D' pocket, this bag will take you by surprise. Once you're taken in, you'll realise every little breeze seems to whisper 'Louise'.

Since 1973

The Louise bag was inspired by the Corfou handbag created in 1973.


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The Boston bag features a rembordé edge (turned edge). With this technique, the leather is folded over on itself or over another piece of leather.

Each piece must be thinned right down to the nth degree at the edges so that when it is folded and stitched, no part of the sliced section shows.

Soft to the Touch

Allure leather originates from a young Spanish bull. The leather is staked to give it a smooth touch.

D for Louise

The 'D'-shaped pocket is a distinctive signature of the Louise.

An Inner Lining with a History

The Louise is lined in Toile Losange for a lighter weight and easy interior visibility.

This signature canvas toile was inspired by the fabric that was used to line travel trunks in the early days of la maison Delvaux.

Louise Boston & Satchel bags

Louise Boston 31 cm wide, 17,5 cm high, 17,5 cm deep
Louise Satchel 34 cm wide, 30,5 cm high, 17 cm deep

Louise Cross Over, Louise Hobo & Boston PM bags

Louise Cross Over 22,5 cm wide, 16 cm high, 4,5 cm deep
Louise Hobo 27,5 cm wide, 28 cm high, 9 cm deep
Louise Boston PM 26 cm wide, 15,5 cm high, 15,5 cm deep

The Louise collection is sold exclusively in Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.

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