1972. Delvaux's owner Solange Schwennicke is enjoying a horse and carriage ride on a sunny afternoon in Tunisia, when inspiration strikes as she spots the hay bag swaying around the horse's neck.

The Pin is born, with a curvy bottom and a swinging soul.

Without fuss or inner lining, this beauty has all you need when all you need is love, or perhaps a little escapade. Together, you'll dance through life, delighted in all things from the hills of San Francisco to the gateway of Mumbai.

Since 1972

By the 1970s, although classic framed bags still had their place in the Delvaux collections, the dominant trend was towards softer, floppier bags.

It was during this era that the 'D' logo was introduced as a design feature.

Curved Bottom

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The signature perforated bottom of the Pin is manufactured on a mould in order to obtain its perfect swinging curve.

Playing with Textures

Toile de Cuir Twist is reinterpreted in a new take on the supple Pin. The exclusive Toile de Cuir woven leather technique was developed in Belgium in the early 1960s and has been in use by Delvaux since 1984.

This genuine artisanal creation is made of woven strips of several different types of leather, on a polyamide fabric. Toile de Cuir Twist combines polo, calf velour, and patent leathers.












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Pin, Pin Mini & Pin Baudrier

Pin 35 cm wide, 32,5 cm high, 14 cm deep
Pin Mini 19 cm wide, 20 cm high, 9 cm deep
Pin Baudrier 32 cm wide, 26 cm high, 14 cm deep

The Pin collection is sold exclusively in Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.

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