Spring - Summer 2018
Collection preview

Tribal inspiration meets modern art

Delvaux’s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection takes its inspiration from near and far, combining exotic tribal accents, the sensuous colours of the Spice Route and geometric modern art. A celebration of influences, dynamic black and whites and exhilarating designs, the collection is bursting with both ambition and verve.

Le Mutin, Crispy Calf : Ebène - Bandoulière Crète, Calf Souple : Ebène & N'débélé

Brillant Mini, Box Calf: Ebene - Gri-Gri Arty, Alligator Libellule, Alligator Brillant & Calf Souple: Indigo, Ivory & Turquoise

Tempête MM, Alligator Ténéré & Calf Souple : Ebène

Tempête MM, Tribal Stitch : Ebène, Ivory & Noir

Seasonal highlights

Highlights of the new collection include two new lines - Ethiopia and Tanzania. The powerful patterns of the Ethiopia line are inspired by traditional African body art as well as the geometric and colourful paintings of avant-garde artists. The decorative details of the Tanzania design, recall fine jewellery and body scarifications. This precious effect, which rises from under the leather in the shape of a compass rose, give unique volume and depth.

Brillant MM, Ethiopia : Ebène, Ivory & Noir

Brillant MM, Ethiopia : Ebène, Ivory & Noir

Tempête Mini, Tanzania: Ivory

Tempête GM, Tanzania : Ivory

Madame Mini, Calf Souple : Ebène & N'débélé

Pochette Brillant, Box Calf: Ivory

Creative colour combinations

The colours of the new collection evoke desert heat and tribal decorations. Vibrant Paprika, cool Turquoise, spicy Safran and Nakuru, an elegant pastel pink tone are four new hues, that mixed together echo the mural adornments of the N’débélé houses of Zimbabwe. Always combined with rich and earthy Ebène, they play ingeniously on graphic compositions and elegant colour associations.

Brillant MM, Alligator Brillant : Turquoise - Brillant Mini, Alligator Brillant : Turquoise

Tempête MM, Calf Souple : Turquoise - Cœur Coin Purse, Calf Souple : Ebène & N'débélé

Presse A4, Taurillon Soft : Paprika - Presse A5, Taurillon Soft : Safran - Presse Card Holder, Calf Souple : Ebène & N'débélé

Pin, Taurillon Soft: Paprika

This collection is available exclusively at Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.