This charmer owes its distinctive clasp to the Cobalt bag of 1969, and its firmly modern vibe to its straight and minimalist lines. You might even hear it whisper 'less is more' if you listen closely.

Simple by name, devoted by nature, the Simplissime loves to carry your laptop, enhance your look, or take over for your overnight bag. Isn´t it simply marvellous?

Since 1969

The Simplissime is inspired by the stylish front fastening of the Cobalt which was designed in 1969.

With its undyed leather, its shoulder strap, and unisex styling, it hints at the influence of the social movements of the era, and the relaxed fashions that came with the times.

Water Drop Shape

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A master feature of the Simplissime is its water drop shape that defines the sides of the bag. This characteristic form is achieved through splitting and shaving.

The aim of splitting is to obtain pieces of leather that are of the precise required thickness for assembling the product. Shaving consists of thinning the edge of the leather for a perfect finish.

Square and Fair

The 1960s saw a move away from elaborate, decorative metal fastenings, towards stronger, boxier shapes for handbags, reflecting the independence of their owners.

Beauty Inside and Out

The inner lining of the Simplissime is made of Arizona leather.

This full, fine-grain calf leather offers a buttery and silky touch. The signature nude colour assures an easy interior visibility.

Simplissime N/S Totes bags

Simplissime N/S Tote 34 cm wide, 35 cm high, 21 cm deep
Simplissime N/S Tote PM 32 cm wide, 31 cm high, 16 cm deep

Simplissime City PM & City bags

Simplissime City PM 21 cm wide, 15 cm high, 10 cm deep
Simplissime City 29 cm wide, 19,5 cm high, 13 cm deep

The Simplissime collection is sold exclusively in Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.

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