Spring - Summer 2018 Collection

A collection of contrasts

The Spring-Summer 2018 Collection takes its inspiration from near and far, combining contemporary graphic styles with the sensual hues of the Spice Route and vividly exotic accents.

Playing with dynamic contrasts and powerful designs, it is a celebration of colour and cultural influences. A blend of innovation and craftsmanship, this season bursts with both ambition and verve.

Tribal inspiration meets modern art

This season, tribal accents mix seamlessly with touches of geometric modern art, influenced by avant-garde artists.

Inspired by body adornment and scarifications, Ethiopia and Tanzania boast bracing graphic compositions and compelling markings, while the distinctive seams on the Tribal Stitch handbag reflect braided, decorative hairstyles. 

A number of original, coordinating shoulder straps, such as the ruffled Bandoulière Crète, are available for this collection and can be worn with any handbag.

Ethnic accents with a modern touch

Colours of the Spice Route

The four new colours of the collection - vibrant Paprika, cool Turquoise, spicy Safran and Nakuru, an elegant pastel pink tone - evoke desert heat and tribal decorations. Mixed together, they echo the mural adornments of the N’débélé tribe of Zimbabwe. Combined with rich and earthy Ebène, they play ingeniously on graphic compositions and elegant colour associations.

Earthy and elegant, colourful and vibrant

Signature Designs

Delvaux’s signature designs come in the vivid shades of the season, while the Brillant MM and Tempête MM appear in a new Alligator Ténéré leather which gives a satiny vintage quality to the handbags. 

The collection’s graphic style is also infused on Spring-Summer’s accessories, such as the Pivoine Charms and the Charms Coeur, providing a further touch of texture and contrast.

Classic designs, spicy new shades

This collection is available exclusively at Delvaux boutiques and authorised retailers.