Delvaux bag Spring-Summer 2019 Collection luxury handbag

Spring-Summer 2019 Collection

A bohemian spirit with aristocratic style

DELVAUX’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection has a nomadic spirit and an aristocratic soul. Infused with the essence of faraway lands and exotic travels, its playful, exuberant style is both easy-going and highly sophisticated.

Dedicated to the insouciance and elegance of wanderers and bohemians everywhere, this season’s handbags stand out for their intricate artisanal details, refined woven textures and fabulously romantic hues.

Exquisite embroidery and glittering gemstones

Complex skills, both artisanal and modern, stand out this season. Delicate embroidery and threading techniques combine with exotic gemstones to give unprecedented sparkle and shine to this collection. Stunning Lapis Lazulis, Onyx and Jade transform Lady Gipset into a glittering masterpiece, while the handles of the Brillant Mini Jaipur are manually threaded with stones and rings for an embellished finish as refined as jewellery.

For further radiance, the Brillant Mini, Madame Mini and Tempête MM are given the Sunlight treatment – a shimmering silver and gold effect that is expertly hand sprayed onto each handbag.

Beautifully bohemian, soulfully sophisticated

Savoir-faire with artisanal flair

Artisanal skills such as raffia weaving and caning techniques are showcased to their best advantage in this collection. Leather bands, braided and woven by hand, are combined to create designs that are both textured and elaborate.

The Tempête Tzigane appears with three different types of caning, while the Cool Box Mini’s edges are highlighted with a beautifully contrasted braiding technique in Noir and Ivory. Bohème mixes different leathers and contrasted stitching on the Cool Box and the D to D to give an elegantly laid-back look.

For the Brillant E/W Cashmere, paisley patterns are cut out of the leather and perforated to create a swirly, contrasted effect, producing a print that is as pretty as it is unique.

A collection with wanderlust

A colour palette from faraway landscapes

This season’s colour palette is lively and lavish, evocative of exotic locations. The blue-green shade of Jade mixes beautifully with Celadon, the light blue of warm lagoons and Navy, the dark hue of deep seas and night skies.

Brandy, a rich amber tone of a setting sun and Terracotta give the collection an earthy feel of far-flung landscapes. Light, fresh tones come from Framboise, a bright raspberry red and Silk, a soft and delicately feminine pink.

Free-spirited & fantasy-filled

New shapes and metal chains

In line with this collection’s unconventional spirit, several shapes have been given surprising transformations.

The Madame rocks an edgier look with a metal chain strap and a magnetic closing flap. Meanwhile, the Brillant takes on two new forms – the softer GM Fly, and the l’xxl.

Eclectic, exuberant and exotic

This collection is available exclusively at DELVAUX boutiques and authorised retailers.