Anna Cleveland talks D to D

We talk to Anna Cleveland, top model and muse of DELVAUX’s latest design, the D to D. Anna was raised in Milan and now divides her time between NY and Paris. A seasoned globetrotter, Anna recently modeled for our D to D shoot on a blustery beach on the Belgian coast.  Here she reveals her thoughts on travel, style and our newest bag.

What is your signature style?
Timeless heritage, a statement.

What does luxury mean to you?
Luxury means elevated comfort, the possibility to choose for the best.

You are a true globetrotter, what do you always make sure to carry with you in your bag?
My vitamins and a big bottle of water.

Who is the DELVAUX woman according to you? 
A woman who makes a statement, a woman who dares to be always at her best.

What does the D to D represent to you?
An iconic piece that will be with me along the many journeys.

Anna Cleveland is the muse of la Maison’s new bag, the D to D.