Happy first birthday to the Delvaux Museum!

One year ago, Delvaux opened the doors to a truly unique creation, a showcase unlike any other, the Delvaux Museum. In celebration of the first anniversary of this remarkable space affectionately known as ‘Ceci n’est pas un Musée,’ la Maison is offering an exclusive tour to its clients and friends to reveal the many unexpected, engaging and inspiring stories of Delvaux.

Celebrating the one-year anniversary in exceptional circumstances, with social distancing and travel restrictions, we have decided that if our friends can’t come to the museum, then the museum will go to them. Opening its doors wide, Delvaux is offering an exceptional virtual tour with the opportunity to discover the museum’s many treasures from the comfort of home.

In the charming and experienced hands of our Artistic Director, Christina Zeller, you will be able to experience the key messages of la Maison, with highlights of Delvaux’s history, vision and savoir-faire.

Brimming with surprises, the museum sits in Delvaux’s headquarters in the Arsenal in Brussels, just above the bustling atelier where master artisans have worked their magic for generations. Filled with original installations, the museum tells the intertwining stories of the history of the handbag, the history of Belgium and the history of Delvaux in the unconventional, innovative way that has come to define la Maison’s style. Not a retrospective, the museum is an ode to all ages, evoking Delvaux’s long and illustrious past, its cutting-edge creativity of today, and a future filled with poetry and possibilities.