The Eye Catcher

Delvaux presents the Eye Catcher, its latest limited-edition non-leather handbag. Gloriously feminine and joyful, it follows on from the pioneering X-ray, Dark Night, Hero, Gladiator and Champion, all now collector’s items. La Maison’s latest cutting-edge creation, it beautifully blends high-tech materials with technical prowess and an ultra-modern styling.

A statement piece of pinks, purples and turquoises, the Eye Catcher is constantly transforming according to light and angles. Every detail of the bag is light-hearted, from its wide shoulder strap, crafted with bold multi-coloured stripes to its unique dust bag which is in itself a fun, versatile carryall.

Electrifying and ever-changing, the Eye Catcher embraces innovative techniques and materials with real exuberance and joy. Confidently combining the elegance of Delvaux with a playful charisma, this limited edition bag will soon be catching everyone’s attention.

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