This is not a MUSEUM...

Amidst the bustle of Delvaux’s workshops in the Arsenal district of Brussels, something is brewing. Under a stunning glass roof with a black wrought iron frame, a unique space, unlike any other, is swiftly taking shape.

A space that tells three correlated stories and conveys our specific identity, which is about being historical, open, Belgian, always questioning to stroll towards the future. It is a place that brings to life the expertise and passion that defines la Maison, soon opening to the public and the world.

An enjoyable and edifying experience, at once serious, lighthearted, elegant, royal, erudite, and symbolic, this is one grand opening not to miss.

Since 1883, Delvaux has enjoyed the title of the Official Purveyor to the Royal Court which was first granted by King Leopold II.

In 1933, Delvaux began documenting its designs in “Le Livre d’Or”, the Maison’s registry, which continues today to be updated with every new handbag design.

Delvaux filed its first ever handbag patent in 1908, thus becoming the inventor of the modern handbag.

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