Cool Box Laidback and light, it ticks all the right boxes

Young and modern, the Cool Box is of its time. Casual, light and comfortable in its own skin, it’s a quirky soul that makes functional look surprising.

Great at carrying life’s essentials, the Cool Box’s natural elegance makes everything look effortless. And because it’s as practical as it is pretty, it’s the ideal companion for when life is busy and hands are full.

Cool Box Delvaux luxury handbags

The box-like bag

A defining characteristic of the Cool Box is its distinctive shape. Like a box, it has six flat sides, created by folding over one single piece of leather. Made out of Taurillon soft, this particular hide is used for its suppleness and its impeccable resilience.

Cool Box ivory and black Delvaux luxury handbags

The variants

The Cool Box family comes in three sizes

  • So Cool 32cm wide, 31cm high, 13cm deep
  • Cool Box 28cm wide, 16.5cm high, 12.5cm deep
  • Cool Box Mini 23cm wide, 13cm high, 11cm deep