Madame A square beauty to take you on a swerve

Born in 1977 under the name Marronnier, this beauty prefers to be called Madame. 

Don’t judge this bag by its cover.

It may be square and upright, but the Madame is a heartbreaking poet, who lives life at the speed of light, and loves racing down Brussels’ boulevards.

Delvaux Madame bag in Camaieux Kaki with a model

Since 1977

The Madame came into being in the 1970’s, when a sense of liberation and greater freedom of movement was in the air. Its practical shoulder strap and compact size ensured it was easy yet elegant to wear and became an instant hit on the streets of Brussels, Delvaux’s city of origin.

Vintage photo of the Delvaux Madame bag

The variants

The Madame family comes in two sizes

  • Madame 24.5cm wide, 17cm high, 7cm deep
  • Madame Mini 18cm wide, 15cm high, 6cm deep