Delvaux Mutin bag and Mutin Mini bag in black luxury handbags

Mutin Cheeky by name, chic by nature

Born with the rounded shape of its hunting ancestor, the Chasseresse, a clasp that has run in the family since the sixties and sporty stripes that are all its own, the Mutin is a mischief-maker with an easy-going nature.

Highly resourceful, this cheeky little number has a place for everything and is never out of place.

The Mutin lives casual but embodies chic. Whether dancing samba in Rio or sipping tea with the queen, it always feels at home. Playful and trustworthy, the Mutin is happiest when on the go and chasing life’s flow.

Delvaux bag Mutin in black luxury handbags

Since 1962

Inspired by Delvaux’s Chasseresse design of 1962, the Mutin retains the supple form of its ancestor, with its generously rounded bottom and gloriously curved shape.

Lightweight and functional, this bag is for the dynamic woman seeking the perfect balance between casual and chic.

The variants

The Mutin family comes in two sizes

  • Le Mutin MM 28cm wide, 20cm high, 9cm deep
  • Le Mutin Mini 19cm wide, 15cm high, 7cm deep