Tempête Together, you never know where you might wind up

The Tempête, inspired by a sailboat’s trapeze, was designed in the 1960s, when sailing came into vogue along the Belgian North Sea.

Fearless and chic, this statement bag is the perfect companion for a woman who doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Delvaux bag Tempête in red luxury handbag

Since 1967

The Tempête was created for Delvaux’s 1967 Collection entitled ‘Yachting’ and was designed by the renowned Belgian architect, Paule Goethals.

Vintage picture of Delvaux Tempête bags luxury leather goods

The variants

The Tempête family comes in four sizes

  • Tempête PM 21.5cm wide, 19cm high, 10cm deep
  • Tempête GM 32cm wide, 25cm high, 12cm deep
  • Tempête MM 27.5cm wide, 21cm high, 10.5cm deep
  • Tempête Mini 21cm wide, 16cm high, 8.2cm deep
  • Pochette Tempête 22.5cm wide, 14.5cm high, 4cm deep