The Eye Catcher

Gloriously feminine and light, the Eye Catcher is Delvaux’s latest limited-edition non-leather handbag. Beautifully blending high-tech materials, technical prowess and an ultra-modern styling, it’s a playful take on the Tempête GM design, one of la Maison’s most emblematic models.

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32 x 12 x 25 cm
Product Details

- 72% PU / 28% PVC
- Removable shoulder strap
- Polyester dustbag

Ref: AA0312ACQ050WPA

Colour burst

A statement piece of pinks, purples and turquoises, this is a bag that exudes as much personality as colour. From its Silk Pink handle and edges, to its bold multi-coloured shoulder strap and unique dust bag, its every detail is joyful and light-hearted.

Optical illusions

Fresh and flirty, the translucent Eye Catcher is constantly transforming according to light and angles. Its iridescent rainbow-effect trim gives it characterful sparkle, while innovative lenticular printing on the front makes the word ‘DELVAUX’ magically appear and disappear, depending on where it’s viewed from.

Following on from the pioneering X-ray, Dark Night, Hero, Gladiator and Champion, this cutting-edge PVC creation is destined to become, like its predecessors, a true collector’s item.

Feminine. Fresh. Flirty.

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