WondeRing Coliseum

Precious little gems of savoir-faire, our WondeRings are perfect for taking your relationship with Delvaux to the next level.

These intricate jewels are designed to attach to the Brillant’s handle, one of our most emblematic bags, and can be worn and interchanged as the mood suits. Made of solid brass enriched with either pearls or crystals, these irresistible rings are crafted by artisans who work with the precision of goldsmiths.

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Product Details

Its clean and simple lines reflect the classic proportions and refined silhouettes of Art Deco. A charm to inspire love at first sight.

These WondeRings can be attached to all Brillant MM and Brillant Mini sizes

Made of high quality brass covered with gold.

Ref: BE0093BDE015CDO

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