"Les Humeurs de Brillant"

Lors de l'Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles en 1958, Delvaux a fait sensation grâce au lancement d'un nouveau sac à main: "Le Brillant". Créé par la styliste Paule Goethals, ce modèle devient rapidement l'une des créations phares des nombreuses collections Delvaux. Au fil des années, il a été fabriqué dans une gamme de matériaux divers (le veau, l'autruche, le crocodile porosus, l'alligator, etc.) et dans différentes structures, tailles et couleurs.

Brillant Humeur Black Edition bag

Le "Black Edition" est la version maxi du "Le Brillant" crée pour l'Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles. Il est accompagné des "Les Humeurs de Brillant" : neuf créations qui symbolisent les valeurs de la Maison Delvaux tout en jouant avec les conventions, tous rivalisant de prouesses techniques employées pour fabriquer ces accessoires en cuir de haute qualité.


Brillant Humeur Humour
© C.H. / SABAM, Bruxelles 2014

n. [AN (h)umour, Ofr., (h)umor, -ur (mod. humeur)]. A quality of action, speech, etc ; facetiousness, comicality. Character, style, or spirit (of a musical or literary composition, etc.). Humour is also in evidence in the visual arts and cinema. Black humour (or comedy) : writing that juxtaposes morbid or grisly elements with comical ones that underscore the senselessness or futility of life. Sense of humour : the faculty of perceiving and enjoying what is ludicrous or amusing ; a sense of the ludicrous or amusing.

Le Rêve

Brillant Humeur Reve

n. 1. A series of thoughts, images, sensations, or emotions occurring in the mind during sleep. 2. A vision of the imagination indulged in when awake, esp. one prompted by desire, hope, or ambition ; a flight of fancy ; a state of mind in which awareness of immediate reality is temporarily shut out, a reverie. 3. An enduring hope or aspiration ; an ideal.


Brillant Humeur Excellence

n. 1. The state or fact of excelling ; the possession of good qualities or abilities to an eminent or unusual degree ; surpassing merit, skill, or worth. 2. Something in which a person or thing excels ; an excellent feature, quality, or ability. PAR EXCELLENCE, adv. Beyond compare.

La Belgitude

Brillant Humeur Belgitude

n. A typically Belgian turn of phrase. In art and in literature, the term ‘belgitude’ refers to an almost extreme cult of surrealism, whilst in other areas of everyday life it represents the opposite : the outright rejection of anything out of the ordinary.

La Singularité

Brillant Humeur Singularite

n. 1. The quality, state, or fact of being singular ; now esp., the quality or fact of being remarkable or peculiar in some respect; eccentricity, strangeness. 2. An exceptional or unusual trait or feature ; a peculiarity.

La Tradition

Brillant Humeur Tradition

n. [Latin ‘tradere’, meaning to hand over, deliver, or bequeath]. 1. Delivery, esp. oral, of information or instruction. 2. A statement, belief, customs, etc., handed down by non-written (esp. oral) means from generation to generation. 3. The action of handing down something, from generation to generation ; transmission of statements, beliefs, customs, etc., esp. by word of mouth or unwritten custom ; the fact of being handed down thus.

La Création

Brillant Humeur Creation

n. 1. The action of a divine agency in creating something, esp. the world ; the fact of being created by divine agency. 2. The action of making, forming, producing, or constituting for the first time or afresh ; invention ; causation, production. 3. An original (esp. imaginative) production of human intelligence or power. The first representation by an actor of a dramatic character or role ; a dramatic character as portrayed by a particular actor. A costume, dress, etc., as the work of its designer.


Brillant Humeur Audace

n. [Latin ‘audere’, to dare]. 1. Boldness ; reckless daring. 2. Effrontery ; impudence.

Le Savoir-faire

Brillant Humeur Savoir-Faire

n. Technical expertise ; practical ability or invention.

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