Les Miniatures So British
Camden Town

燃え上がるようなパンクロックのアティチュード。「Camden Miniature(カムデン ミニチュア)」がつくる都会のスタイル。反抗的な表情を見せるオーラを湛え、小さなバッグに大きな個性を詰め込みました。

800 €

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10 x 5.50 x 12 cm


Ref: AE0367ASS099CMN

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Meet Les Miniatures, Delvaux’s playful masterpieces of fine leather and artisanal savoir-faire. Decorative charms, they pay tribute to the international cities that Delvaux calls home and are a timely reminder of how connected we all are.

Light-hearted and creative, these Miniatures pay homage to the beauty and singularity of cultural emblems everywhere and represent Delvaux’s solidarity during these challenging times with countries across the globe.

Perfect for wearing, carrying and collecting, they can, for the first time ever, be pre-ordered online. Belgitude, Big Apple, Dolce Vita, So British, and Pearl of the Orient await, pocket-sized celebrations of artistry and an open-hearted way of life.

Miniature ambassadors for unity


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From the Kingdom of Belgium