The Cool Box – hotter than ever

The Cool Box burst onto the style scene recently as a radical new DELVAUX design. Thanks to its fresh six-sided shape, eye-popping colours and laidback spirit, it quickly evolved into a fully-fledged star.

소피아 맥스 (Sophia Macks), Cool Box Mini Céladon

Carefree and light, the Cool Box doesn’t make a fuss, but always makes an entrance. Dressed up or dressed down, it breezily adapts to all occasions and can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder or worn across the body. Add sensational colours, contrasting trims and a mini size, there’s no end to the looks this coolest of bags can achieve.

See it here styled by trailblazers and leading ladies across the globe. As they hit the world’s major fashion spots - Antwerp, Paris, New York - discover the many glorious sides of the Cool Box.

나탈리 & 딜라나 수아레즈 (Natalie and Dylana Suarez), Cool Box MM Ivory, Cool Box Mini Framboise

자니타 위팅턴 (Zanita Whittington), Cool Box Mini Framboise

샤를롯 구뤠네벨드 (Charlotte Groeneveld), Cool Box MM Navy

리마 체 (Lima Che), Cool Box Phantom Ivory

레베카 로리 (Rebecca Laurey), Cool Box Mini Ebène

알리사 코스카렐리 (Alyssa Coscarelli), Cool Box MM Ivory

리사 뎅글러 (Lisa Dengler), Cool Box Mini Vison

소피아 로우 (Sophia Roe), Cool Box Mini Vison - 카밀라 카릴 (Camila Carril) Cool Box Mini Kaki-Noir

크리스티나 무사치오 (Cristina Musacchio), Cool Box MM Ivory

데니 엘리아스 (Denni Elias), Cool Box MM Phantom Kaki

켄자 사둔 엘 갈루이 (Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui), Cool Box MM Phantom Framboise

클로에 힐 (Chloe Hill), Cool Box MM Phantom Framboise

레베카 로리 (Rebecca Laurey), Cool Box Mini Céladon

Can't get enough of the Cool Box?